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Benefits of respecting the Azaan

Posted On Thu, 18/07/2024 - 09:41
There was a blacksmith who would be busy working with his tools, striking the steel with his hammer, etc. However, if the Adhaan was called and he is on the verge of striking the next shot, he will never strike the next shot but immediately proceed for Salaah. On this action Allah Ta'ala granted him an elevated position in Jannat.

 The wife of Harun-Ar-Rasheed Zubaida had done a lot of social welfare work. When she was presented before Allah Ta'ala then the pages of her book of deeds were being turned without being shown any specific importance to all her services rendered. Finally they reached a place where she was once very thirsty and requested her slave girl to fetch her a glass of water. She was on the verge of drinking the water when the Adhaan was called out. She had postponed her drinking to a later stage and replied to the Adhaan. On this action, she was forgiven.  Some do not reply verbally, yet there are many that do not respond to the Adhaan physically by coming to the masjid for salaah.

Many ring tones on the phones are Adhaans. The Adhaan is playing whilst a person is relieving himself in the toilet. This is total disrespect to the Adhaan.

A Bid'ati went to the Nizamuddin Markaz. He had expressed the benefit he had derived from the work...

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