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Before submitting your Question, Please take note of the following:

  1. Only submit a question regarding ones Islaahi condition and where one is a Mureed of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid (DB)
  2. We request one and all to make Dua for Hazrat’s health. Due to health reasons Hazrat will not be attending to e-mails any longer. We therefore suggest that one should correspond with any of Hazrat's Khulafa that one is comfortable with. However, one should not send e-mails to different Khulafa rather associate with one particular Khalifa only. Also, try and attend the Majaalis held by the Khulafa in your area as well as the Weekly Majlis in Azaadville, the Monthly Majaalis in Homestead Park & Azaadville, The Islaahi Jalsas and Special Majaalis programmes, alternatively listen via our Livestreaming broadcast  
  3. For questions regarding to fatwas and masaail, please contact the Darul Uloom Azaadville Ifta Department - click this link Darul Ifta Question Form
  4. Please refrain from submitting questions regarding interpretation of ones dreams, etc
  5. Please note that emails are only downloaded and responded to by the Khalifa of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid (DB) that you have opted to send your question to. Due to the large amount of emails received daily, there could be a delay in the response timeframe. The Khulafa of Hazrat  will endeavour to reply to your question promptly, Insha-Allah.
  6. Please note that the strictest confidentiality will be maintained, Please click on the email link of the Khalifa you opt to send your Islaahi Question to. Refer to the list of Khulafa and email addresses below 

Where a response is not received after 3 days, please contact our Website Admin with the name and email address of the Khalifa you are trying to correspond with on to resolve your non-response to your question, In-Sha-Allah 

Jazakallah Khairan


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List of Khulafa


Mufti Mohammed Desai Azaadville
Moulana Moosa Kajee Azaadville
Moulana Ridwan Kajee Azaadville
Mufti Ali Lorgat Benoni
Mohammed Ali Moosa Benoni
Moulana Imraan Kajee Heidelberg
Ahmed Sadick Paruk Johannesburg
Ahmed Suliman Dockrat     Laudium
Dr Solly Ebrahim  Laudium
Shaheen Kola Marlboro
Mohammed Tahir Ahmed Norwood
Moulana AbdurRehman Ismail Lambat   Palmridge
Yusuf Kaka Roodepoort
Moulana Hussein Adam Rustenburg  
Cassim Hansa  Springs
Mufti Yusuf Desai  Durban
Moulana Ahmed Chohan Durban  
Moulana Imran Bhayat Estcourt
Moulana Hussein Salejee Isipingo
Moulana Nazir Paruk Newcastle
Moulana Muhammad Mehtar Pietermaritzburg
Moulana Zubair Desai Stanger
Hajee Yusuf Desai Stanger
Yunus Ismail Stanger
Shuaib Patel Stanger
Mohammed  Mulla Ermelo
Mohammed Mayet Cape Town
Imran Essack Cape Town
AbdurRaheem Johns Australia  
Mufti Abdullah Bangdalesh
Moulana Abdullah  Bangladesh
Moulana Shamsul Aalam Bangladesh  
Moulana Aarifien  Guyana  
Moulana A Gafoor Indonesia  
Moulana Umair Malaysia
Moulana Mohammed Khairul Budi Malaysia
Moulana Mohammed Tirmidhi Sulaiman Malaysia  
Abdul Qadir Jafar Malaysia
Moulana Saeed Malawi  
Moulana Louqman Engar Reunion
Moulana Nowfel Sri Lanka  
Abdul Ahad Sri Lanka
Moulana Zakariyya Pandor UK
Moulana Suhail UK
Moulana Aasif UK
Hafez Abu Bakr Sadik UK
Moulana Muhammad Chowdry  USA
Moulana Rashid Ravat Zambia Rashid@zamnet.zan
Moulana Ismail Zimbabwe