Why Don't People Practise

Hazrat Shaqiq Balkhi Rahmatullah Alaih states that there are six reasons why people do not get Tawfeeq of making A’mal.

1.    People are enjoying the bounties of Allah Ta’ala, yet they do not make Shukr. Then Allah Ta’ala snatches away the Tawfeeq to make A’mal. The poorest are also enjoying the bounties of Allah Ta’ala. The eyes, ears, tongue, brain, hands, legs, etc. are all very great bounties of Allah Ta’ala.

2.    People are concerned about acquiring knowledge but they are not concerned about making A’mal. We have so much of Islamic Knowledge at our disposal for example we have many kitaabs, cds, mp3s, etc. but our A’mal is very little.

3.    People stay in the company of the Ahlullah but they do not follow their teachings. We attend their discourses for entertainment.

4.    We commit sins but we do not make Tawbah. We even have to make Tawbah for our Ibaadat, like our Salah, we are reading our Salah with sin, for which Tawbah is required. Allah Ta’ala loves a person who makes Tawbah.

5.    The Dunya is behind us but we are chasing Dunya. If a person is caught for speeding the police will not follow him in the opposite direction, likewise the Dunya is behind us yet we are chasing it in front. We are earning more money, beautifying our homes, we are concerned about the interior and exterior décor of our homes, etc.

6.    Aakhirat is coming in front of us yet we are turning away from it. We are drawing closer to our Qabr every moment, yet we are behaving as if it does not exist and we are not going to die.

The ability to practise will come when a person observes the above advices.