Treatment for Anger

English Conditions



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Reforming the Nafs
  3. True Repentance
  4. One Who Sits in the Company of the Pious is Not Deprived
  5. Showing Kindness
  6. Pride Leads One to Anger
  7. Forgiving For the Sake of Allah
  8. Kindness
  9. Miracles
  10. The Condition of an Angry Person
  11. Companionship of the Pious
  12. Anger
  13. Prescription for Removing Anger
  14. The Blessings of Lahowla Wala Quwwata
  15. Razzaq
  16. Tolerance
  17. Humilty
  18. Du'a

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