The Spirtual Hajj

English Hajj & Umrah


  • LECTURER: Fakhrul Ummat Hazrat Moulana abdulHamid Is'haaq Saheb ( )
  • COMPILER: Rashid Kajee
  • COMPOSING: Syed Azeem-ul-Haq Haqqui
  • FIRST EDITION : Shabaan 1425 ,
  • Sept. 2004 SECOND E DITION : Rabiul Awwal 1429 A.H. , April 2008 A.D


A Saalik relates that he was in the process of losing his employment due to retrenchment. He says, "I was so preoccupied with the worry of losing my job, that I had virtually become blind with fear. In the thick of this blinding worry all the affirmations and teachings that Allah ( ) guarantees Rizq (sustenance) and that only a little effort was required,and that Allah ( ) will provide, had just disappeared. Even the thought of having a Sheikh , let alone requesting Naseehat (advice), and Duaa (supplication) from my Sheikh had faded from memory

Advice now started flowing in from many ordinary people (non- Aalims ), as to what the best way was to attain some other means of income. All these were in the form of either Duaas or Wazaaif , special Salaahs , Azkaar etc. Some said if you read Surah Muzammil 40 times, morning and evening you will see the results quickly, others said read this Sifat of Allah ( ) so many times, it will alleviate your problems, others again said that there is a Nuskha (prescription) for exactly your needs in the Kitaab, Wazaaife Ashraf'ya .

I listened to all and sundry. There were times I spent four hours at a time sitting in the Masjid performing Salaah , making Azkaar , reading Wazaaif , and I felt heavier, and physically taxed all the time. I was tired out and the worry persisted. It took the reminder of a close Saathie that Mashwarah should me made with our Hazratwala , and that Duaa should be requested from Hazrat as well.

I notified my beloved Hazratwala of my condition, and of the lengths I was going through in terms of Salaah, Azkaar, Wazaaif etc. Hazrat sat through this lengthy detailed explanation with Shafqat (compassion) and Hilm (patience). After having heard the details, Hazrat advised the Saalik , "It appears you are making your Wazaaif etc. your Allah. Your Wazaaif etc. do not provide Rizq . Allah ( ) is the only provider of Rizq . Wazaaif etc. are not Allah. Allah is Allah. Besides, if your employment was not on the line, would you have engaged in Ibaadat (prayer) of this nature, to this extent ? "

The answer was naturally in the negative. Then Hazrat asked, "From this were you supplicating for your needs or for Allah's pleasure ? ", to which I replied, "For my needs" Hazrat continued, "There is no problem supplicating to Allah ( ) for your needs in any way whatsoever, but more superior to this is that all your actions s hould be only for the pleasure of Allah ( ). Having done this your needs will be fulfilled."

An example of this is don't buy a cow if you need manure to fertilise your vegetable garden, buy the cow for its milk would be so to say Allah'a pleasure, and the manure so to say your own needs. Your needs will I NSHA - ALLAH definitely be fulfilled. SUBHAANALLAH ! Stay with the pious, and learn from their wisdom

"And there is not a beast in the earth but the sustenance thereof dependeth on Allah. He knoweth its habitation and its respiratory. All is in a clear record.

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