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Some close friends of my spiritual mentor, Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb invited him to South Africa in January 1990. The journey began with Umrah during a fifteen-day stay in Saudi Arabia. The host and organizer from South Africa, Mufti Husain Bhayat, also arrived in Saudi Arabia to accompany him. Hazratwala, Mufti Husain and I reached South Africa on the 27th of January 1990. Many scholars visited Hazratwala that very night after Isha at Mufti Husain Bhyat's house. Hazratwala continued rendering advice according to his normal habit. During his discourse, he spoke about the rights of women for about an hour. The listeners later informed us how much they benefited. After the discourse, a scholar told Hazratwala that he had placed his hand on a painful nerve of the people who are guilty of neglecting the rights of their spouses.

He expressed the desire that this discourse should be held again in a larger gathering for everyone to benefit. It should be conveyed to everyone. With the will of Allah Ta'ala, there is a hope of attaining much benefit. Those present, again expressed their desire to hear this discourse in a gathering of the masses in the Masjid. Many scholars who attended the discourse during the night commented that the discourse was truly an eye-opener. They had subsequently asked their spouses for forgiveness and began treating them with kindness. Consequently, a lecture programme was organized for Tuesday, 30th January 1990 after Isha Salah in the Azaadville Masjid. Hazratwala spoke for about one and a half hour on the topic of showing mercy to the creation of Allah, not ill-treating the creation and having good conduct with the wives.

The discourse was an example of the Hadith, "Indeed some discourses are like magic" The scene was wonderful as Hazratwala spoke with much love and pain from his heart which turned the eyes of the listeners wet with tears. It was so effective and full of emotion that it made everyone tear. Oh, the heart has come up to the mouth due to your voice, What incredible pain and feeling is in your story! Your speech has come into existence from your condition, Your condition is a testimony of your speech. It seemed as if the subject matter was being inspired from the realm of the unseen. The cup-bearer was intoxicated with the wine of Jannah, There was a goblet and wine and we were also present. I remembered at that time the verses of Hazratwala which he had uttered for the "ones with heart," the people of love (the Auliya).

When the tongue of love speaks, It opens the door to the secrets of Shari'at. Intellect is astonished at the tongue, Which speaks with the cry of pain. The apperent meanings which have been conveyed by words, Such words cannot attain the hidden pangs of love for Allah. The language conveys the meanings, While love renders the tale of the heart. Where will you find in the books of philosophy? The pain of love which is concealed in the corners of the heart. Where is this wealth obtained? Must I show you where it is achieved? It is obtained from the lovers of Allah, Through their Duas and their company. Many people commented the following day that by listening to Hazratwala's discourse, it became apparent to them that they had oppressed their spouses. They had asked their wives for forgiveness the moment they returned home and promised not to oppress them in the future.

The principal of a Darul Uloom told Hazratwala during a conversation on the phone that he asked his wife to forgive him for whatever rights of hers he had not fulfilled and he gave her whatever money he had in his pocket. He promised to give her a monthly allowance for which he would not take account of. He was thankful for having brought this fact to the attention of everyone giving monthly a fixed amount to the wife without taking any account of. This is the right of the wife which Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Thanwi ( ) had encouraged. He said that the people had been greatly cautioned regarding the rights of the wife. May Allah Ta'ala grant us steadfastness. Many other Ulama have also made similar comments concerning this issue. After some time an interesting incident took place. A person who always troubled his wife, asked her for forgivness when he decided to undertake a religious journey. His wife became perturbed, telephoned Moulana Abdul Hameed's wife and told her what had happened. She said that he had never done this before. "I fear that maybe he realised his end was near. I fear he will never return. This is why he sought forgiveness from me," she said. Moulana's wife consoled her and told her that there was no need to worry. "Presently there is a Moulana visiting our country who is speaking about the rights of women. Your husband may have heard his discourse. This is the effect of listening to his talk."

Some months ago, Moulana Haneef and Moulana Haroon came from South Africa to the Khanqah in Karachi to spend some time. They said that due to Hazratwala's discourse, many people in South Africa began treating their wives with kindness and love. All praises are due to Allah Ta'ala for that. The enormous benefit of this discourse was the motivating factor for having transcribed it from audio-cassette and presenting it to the readers. Hazratwala has himself read the proof from beginning to end. It has been entitled, 'HUQUQUN NISA' (the rights of women). May Allah Ta'ala accept it and make it beneficial for the Ummah. May He make it a means of perpetual reward for the author, compiler and all those who assisted.

Compiled by Sayyid Ishrat Jameel Meer Saheb

One of the servants of Hazratwala Muddazilluhum

Khanqah Imdadiya Ashrafiya

Gulshan Iqbal No. 2 Karachi

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