The Rights of the Husband

English Social Matters



Contents of this book

  1. 1.    Who Possesses The Right To Tell Us How We Should Lead Our Life The Cure For The Hard-Heartedness And Negligence

    2.    When And Upon Whom Should We Sacrifice The Life Explaining The Insident Of Mi'raaj By An Example

    3.    The Reason For Death Being

    4.    Mentioned Before Life

    5.    The Method Of Creating Enthusiasm And Devotion In The Remembrance Of Allah Ta'ala The Curse Of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ) is

    6.    Upon Those Who Cast Evil Glances

    7.    (Zina) Adultery of The Eyes

    8.    And The Tongue

    9.    A New Name For Immodesty The Importance Of (Purdah) Three Tests Of Allah Ta'ala Upon His Servants

    10.  Test Of Intelligence And Understanding The Test Of Taqwa (Piety) And Abstinence Test Of Obedience

    11.  Wisdom Of Aziz Being

    12.  Revealed With Ghafur

  1. 1.    Please Your Husband

    2.    Do Not Complain To Your Parents

    3.    About Your Husband Do Not Be Ungrateful And Unappreciative

    4.    Towards Your Husband

    5.    A Wazifah To Soften The Husband's Heart

    6.    To Live In Congeniality With One's Mother-in-Law Is A Sign Of Intelligence Study The Seventh Part Of Behisti Zewar Don't Be Extravagant And Wasteful

    7.    Do Not make Excessive Demands

    8.    On Your Husband

    9.    The Correct Avenue For Utilizing Wealth

    10.  Before Marriage, It Is Haraam For A Girl To Meet Her  fiancé Without Necessity, Do Not Converse With Non-Mahrams (Strange Men)

  1. 1.    The Law Regarding Nail Polish And Lipstick Women Who Cut Their Hair Are Inviting The Curse Of Allah Ta'ala And Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ) Women Should Cover

    2.    Their Shins And Ankles

    3.    Observing Purdah In Front Of One's Brother-in-Law. Observing Purdah From One's Sister-in-Law Command For Purdah Of The Hair

    4.    The Impermissibility Of Wearing

    5.    Thin Transparent Clothing

    6.    Wear Burqa When Leaving The Home

    7.    From Who Should Observe Shar'i Purdah

    8.    EMPLOYMENT

    9.    A means Of Disgrace For a Woman

    10.  DU'A

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