Obstacles in the path of reaching Allah

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The life of this world is very short, and Allah (SWT) has not granted us this life merely to earn our livelihood.

If we make the worries of this Dunya our worries then our entire lives will revolve around these worries, like, in the olden days in the eastern countries, people used to grind their wheat by-placing it on the ground. In the middle they used to place a pole and tie an ox to the pole. The ox would walk round and round the pole the whole day, as it could not go anywhere else. So at the end of the day if the ox were to be asked: “Where did you go?” If it could reply, it would say: “Nowhere. If it were asked: “What did you do?” It would say: “Nothing. So in the same way our entire lives will pass and we will achieve nothing, we will reach nowhere.

Therefore, our worry and concern should be to please Allah (SWT) and to rectify and purify our souls, if we do this, then the worries of the world will be sidelines and Allah (SWT) will arrange for it. If we keep our objective of life in mind, we will see that the needs and the worries of the Dunya will just fade away, Allah (SWT) will take, care of it, and we will achieve our goal, we will become Insan and we will leave this world not only as a true Ummati but as a real Insan also.

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