Lack of family responsibility, Turn to Allah


My husband left to go in Jamaat, Alhumdullilah he left on Thursday to go to the Itjimah and he is going for 40 days.


 I don’t have a problem with him going in the path of Allah Ta’ala. I am very hurt because he knows he is going but he has not made the necessary arrangements for transport for my son and I. When I asked him, he says there I go again. We very isolated here and he knows that I asked him to leave the car and make alternate arrangements for himself.  He says he wants to go in his car because if someone gets on his nerves he can just get into his car and come home. Yesterday, my son nearly missed Jummah waiting for his brother to come from work to give him a lift. Last night I had to phone around for a lift for him. I am worried in this place they don't have Hufaaz to read, only when my husband is here he reads. I messaged him that it's a problem, he says when I give you money and airtime then you start with me.

Maaf I am giving Hazrat a full relay of the issue,  Hazrat can guide me to what's the best way to handle this issue. His very violent, aggressive even the night before he left he was swearing. Please make me maaf for the taqleef. Please, I humbly ask forgiveness for burdening Hazrat with this problem. His been in Jamaat many times before,  4 months, etc, but his character is putrid.

Hazratjee please make Dua for me and my family with salaams and Dua's, request Hazrat’s  pious Dua's


Your husband is gone in Jamaat and left you with these problems; but your Allaah Ta’ala  has not gone anywhere, He is with you, and He has not given you any problems; in fact, He will solve all your problems! So, just turn to Him fully, and just be engaged with Him! Be busy with your Ibaadaat, Duas, etc. By this all your problems will be solved and you will live happily!