The Importance of Istighfaar

English Islaah



Generally a person experiences joy and happiness at the start of an action and at the end of an action.

However, as a Muslim we are pleased and grateful at the end of an action that Allah had granted us the opportunity to fulfil our duties towards him, b ut we do not know with certainty whether our actions are accepted in the court of Allah or not. We know the condition of our aamaal, with what deficiency we fulfil our actions.

Hadrat Ma ulana explains that a person that has written his examination cannot rejoice on the completion of his exam. Yes, he can rejoice and celebrate when he receives his report which states that he has successfully passed.

We carry out the various injunctions of Shariat and obey the commands of Allah , but we cannot celebrate un til we receive our reports, and that will be on the day of Qiyaamah. Therefore, we will seek forgiveness on the completion of our actions with the hope that our deeds are accepted as Allah is most appreciative when His servants obey Him.

This Kitaabs exlains the importance of seeking forgiveness at the end of Ramdhaan on completion of the actions that we were able to perform out during the month of Ramdhaan. Thereafter we should keep up the momentum until the next Ramdhaan. May Allah grant us the Tauf eeq of acting upon the advices of Hadrat Maulana. Ameen!


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