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In every age, Allah (SWT) has chosen a handful of people for the upliftment of mankind. In this Ummah too, many such great personalities have rendered their fair share of service to the Ummah . Even at the present moment, there are the chosen ones busy fulfilling their mission of life, which is to be of service to the Ummah . Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Mohammed Akhtar Saheb (RA) is amongst this honourable and chosen group. Allah (SWT) has chosen him for the reformation of the Ummah in this day and age, in a most unique manner, that is well suited to the requirements of our present day world.

In this regard, scores of people throughout the various countries of the world have benefitted and continue to benefit from his blessed personage. Not only have they benefitted from his captivating and stirring discourses and pearls of wisdom ( Mawaiz and Malfoozat ), but also from his prolific writings and literary works. This book is yet another gem from the hands of Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Mohammed Akhtar Saheb (RA). It addresses the present day problems of the Ummah in a very moving and appealing style.

After reading this book a number of times and finding it of tremendous benefit to myself, Allah (SWT) created the urge within my heart to render it into the English language, in order that Muslims generally, and particularly those Muslims living in the promiscuous environment of the western world, benefit from it.

Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercy and grace, made it possible for this opportunity to arise, and I set out in all earnestness to publish the book, after having translated it. It was a most beautiful and appropriate coincidence that a few days before completion, our country was blessed and honoured with the presence of Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Mohammed Akhtar Saheb (RA), the author of this book.

He was much delighted and pleased to learn that this Kitab had been translated into English and on one occasion during a journey, he even wrote an appreciation and many Duas on behalf of this humble servant. May Allah (SWT) accept those Duas . Due to his consistent Duas and urging, the book materialized in printed form in a short span of time, in his presence, Alhamdolillah . At that time, only the first part was printed. Now in the second edition, the entire book, encompassing part one and two is complete, Alhamdolillah .

I have rendered a few changes to the original book as far as the sequence is concerned by changing the setting out slightly and I have also added captions and sub-headings generously throughout the translation in order to facilitate reference to the various issues. The content and subject matter however is original and unchanged. May Allah ( ) accept it and make it a means of benefit to the Ummah .

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