This Earth is Like in the Heavens

یہ زمیں جیسے ہے آسماں میں

This earth is like in the heavens

This is a beautiful Bayaan (in poetic form) of our Sheikh which comprises of great advices. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq of listening with ears of the heart. We should try and reach that position which Hadrat has indicated towards.

یہ زمیں جیسے ہے آسماں میں

(A person reaches that lofty stage) as though the earth is in the heavens

In other words, a person has reached the Arsh of Allah Ta'ala and acquired that closeness of Allah Ta'ala that is required. The Hadith states that a person should worship Allah Ta'ala as though he is able to see Allah Ta'ala. If a person acquires the closeness of Allah, then such enjoyment will be experienced in his Sajda as though he is out of the world. This is not an imaginary condition but may Allah Ta'ala grant us the reality.

جس سے ہیں آپ خوش اس جہاں میں                                 وہ شب وروز ہے گلستاں میں

The person with whom You are pleased with in the world, he is in a garden day and night

If Allah Ta'ala is pleased with a person then he is in a garden of Jannat in this world. The Ambiya A.S, Sahaaba R.A and many pious had experienced great difficulty outwardly yet they were extremely content with the decision of Allah Ta'ala internally. Nooh A.S has propagated the Deen of Allah Ta'ala for a period of 950 years. During this time his people put him through untold difficulties. Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam had also experienced great difficulties particularly during his journey to Taif. In spite of all odds being against them externally, they were pleased and content internally with the decision of Allah Ta'ala.

دیکھ کر میرے اشک ندامت                                            ابر رحمت کی بارش ہے جاں میں

Seeing my tears of regret clouds of mercy rain throughout the world

If a person hasn’t reached  the condition where Allah Ta'ala is pleased with him, it is quite easy for him to reach there. He is simply required to shed a few tears in regret for going against the command of Allah Ta'ala. The sincere repentance of a believer is so valuable that Allah Ta'ala becomes extremely pleased and then showers His mercy throughout the world.

آپ کا سنگ در اور مرا سر                             حاصل زندگی ہے جہاں میں

O Allah, Your threshold and my head, this is the sum total for which Allah Ta'ala has sent us in the world

This is when a person’s head is in Sajda either at the Multazam or the Hatim.

We should fix the aim and objective of coming into the world, which is acquiring the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala. Many of us haven’t even have an objective before us. We are simply living, taking care of our kids and responsibilities, etc. We may be conscious of the fact that we have to prepare for the hereafter, make our Jannat and protect ourselves from Jahannam, etc. This is all in order but far greater than all this is finding the pleasure of Allah c. A person that acquires the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala is in Jannat in this world already. The Sahaaba R.A were those fortunate souls that acquired the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala in this world.

Hadrat Maulana Thanvir once requested Dua from Hadrat Gangohi R.A that Allah Ta'ala should grant him His pleasure permanently. Hadrat Gangohi rR.Asaid, “Dua should be made in this manner, O Allah! Grant me Your complete and perfect happiness.” When Allah Ta'ala is happy with a person, he doesn’t become displeased with him.

Sometimes a person thinks that Allah Ta'ala is pleased with him yet Allah Ta'ala is totally displeased. Shaytaan had worshipped Allah Ta'ala greatly to the extent that there isn’t a span of earth where Shaytaan didn’t make Sajda, he was given the rank of the angels yet he was rejected throughout his existence, even during the time whilst he was engaged in so much of worship. When Shaytaan was rejected and thrown out of Jannat, the four famous angels were left stunned. Allah Ta'ala asked them, “What is the problem?” They said, “We had such great thoughts about Shaytaan but it is certainly unknown who can be thrown out of Your court at which stage.” Allah Ta'ala said, “This is how you should be at all times.” Always fear and never feel that you are special and close to Allah Ta'ala as you never know when you could be rejected and expelled. There was a person that used to write the Bayaans of Hadrat Maulana Thanvi R.A. in Arabic whilst Maulana would deliver the discourse in Urdu but was later misguided. We should therefore beg Allah Ta'ala to be pleased, and perfectly pleased with us to the extent that He is never displeased with us. Hadrat Maulana Thanvi R.A writes that such a person may be engaging in sin but he will be given the Taufeeq of Taubah.

سارے عالم کی لذت  سمٹ کر                                             آگئی ہے ترے آستاں میں

All the enjoyment of the world together has come in Your threshold (of Allah Ta'ala).

May Allah Ta'ala make us such that we do not find enjoyment anywhere else except in Salaah, Dua, Sajda, etc. There are many that find enjoyment in Haraam things.

لذت ذکر حق اللہ اللہ                                                        اور کیا لطف  آہ وفغاں میں

The enjoyment of the Zikr is in saying Allah! Allah!, and what enjoyment is in crying and supplicating

Hadrat R.A explained that the enjoyment of Zikr is in saying, ‘Allah, Allah.’ There is even a bird that engages in Zikrullah saying, “Haq Ta’ala, Haq Ta’ala.” Who would say that there is enjoyment in crying? Ask those that cry before Allah Ta'ala, the enjoyment of crying before Him, in fact those that are unable to cry see them crying they also desire to cry. It is as though the earth is in the heavens.

کیا کہوں قرب سجدہ کا عالم                                                   یہ زمیں جیسے ہے آسماں میں

What to say about the condition of that Sajda where a person is blessed with the closeness of Allah Ta'ala, It is as though this earth is in the heavens.

 برق گرنا مگر رخ بدل کر                                                    آہ سنتا ہوں میں آشیاں میں

Lightning falls but the direction has changed, I’m hearing the ‘Aah’ in the residence

That is referring to a person that is engaged in the Ibaadat of Allah Ta'ala.

عالم غیب کا یہ کرم ہے                                                        چشم بینا دیا قلب وجاں میں

This is the kindness of the knower of the unseen, He has given us eyes in the heart and body.

This is the kindness of Allah Ta'ala that He has given us eyes that are able to see and very fortunate are those people whose eyes Allah Ta'ala has opened. There are those that just perform the Jumuah Salaah and feel that they are perfect Muslims. Others perform their five times Salaah and feel that they are perfect, yet they overlook the fact that they are involved in various sins. There are so many sins that we involved in that we aren’t even aware of. Fortunate are those that are conscious of their sins. Many possess pride and aren’t even aware of it, some are backbiting and enjoying themselves, in fact they amusing others. Sometimes an Aalim even makes Gheebat in his Bayaan, at times a person describes how immodestly the women are dressed and he even takes enjoyment from that. Maulana Ilyas R.A. said, “Speak of those things that you want should come alive.” If we want good things to come alive speak of the good, and the evil will automatically fade away. Even worse, when a person is involved in sins and he thinks that he is doing good. In some Masajid, people perform their Sunnat Salaah at the rear of the Masjid. This is an obstruction to many people that want to leave. In the mind of this person he is in Ibaadat but in reality he is inconveniencing people. Sometimes a person recites Quraan Sharif loudly, he thinks that he is in Ibaadat and he is happy but he is disturbing the Salaah of another or perhaps he is disturbing a sleeping person. These faults will be noticed when the eyes of the heart are opened. A poet says, “It was my hobby to look at the fault of other people until my eyes fell on my own faults.” It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make an effort on others. We should talk of faults so that we may be rectified and corrected.                

درس تسلیم وخون تمنّا  ہے  نہاں عشق کی داستاں میں

The lesson of surrendering yourself to Allah and breaking the desire that you possess, these things are hidden in the stories of love

It is quite easy to claim the love of Allah Ta'ala. The sign that one has the love of Allah Ta'ala is that he totally surrenders to Allah Ta'ala. Zabaniyya is the name of the angels that serve in Jahannam but the Adhaab of Jahannam doesn’t affect them at all. This is like a prison warden serving in jail, he doesn’t suffer the difficulties that the prisoners are subjected to. Likewise, there are those angels that are in Jannat observing all the luxuries and enjoyments of Jannat. Maulana Thanvi R.A writes, “If Allah Ta'ala asks the angels of Jahannam, are you pleased with your stay in Jahannam or do you want to be transferred to Jannat?” They will reply, “Our Jannat is where You are pleased to keep us even though we are in Jahannam.” This should be our aim and objective. This is why we continuously make Dua, come for Majlis, request the Duas of the pious, etc.

Any person that wants to pass an exam works diligently and remains awake until the late hours of the night. If he doesn’t understand his work, he enquires from people and ensures that he receives guidance. We also have to work in the same manner for the actual success of the Aakhirat.

لذت قرب بے انتہا کو                                                      کس طرح لائے اختر زباں میں 

The enjoyment of the unlimited closeness of Allah Ta'ala, how  can Akhtar explain it verbally

Allah Ta'ala is unlimited and the love of Allah Ta'ala is also unlimited. The love of Allah Ta'ala is not like a person that was newly married. His wife observes a few days after marriage that he is busy studying the marriage certificate. She asks him, “What is the matter?” He said, “I am looking for the expiry date.” There isn’t any expiry date for the love of Allah c, neither is there any saturation point. If we haven’t reached that stage we should beg Allah c for His love. In fact, the greatest pleasure will be when Allah c declares before the Jannatis that He is pleased with them and will never ever be displeased with them. May Allah Ta'ala bless us all! Ameen.