Destructive Consequences of Not Observing Purdah

English Shariat



Topic: The Destructive Consequences of Not Observing Purdah.

Subject: The harms of not observing purdah, casting evil glances and false love.

  • Speaker: Shaikh-ul-Arab wal Ajam Ârifbillâh
  • Hadrat-e-Aqdas Maulânâ Shâh Hakeem
  • Muhammad Akhtar Sâhib, may his shadow remain over us for 130 years.
  • Date: 4 Safar al-Muzaffar 1412 A.H., Friday, 16 August 1991.
  • Time: Before the Jumu‘ah salâh.
  • Venue: Musjid Ashraf, Gulshan Iqbal, No. 2, Karachi.
  • Compiler: Attendant of Hadrat wâlâ, Sayyid ‘Ishrat
  • Jamîl Mîr Sâhib.
  • First edition: December, 2009.
  • Copies: 2200
  • Supervision: Ibrâhîm Brothers.

Table of Contents

  1. The Destructive Consequences Of Not observing Purdah - PG6
  2. Which is the Most Blessed Marriage? - PG6
  3. Simplicity in the Marriages of the Sahâbah and Elders - PG7
  4. The Misfortune of Extravagance in Marriages - PG8
  5. Sinful Customs in Marriages - PG8
  6. The Reason for no Blessing in Sustenance - PG9
  7. How Does One Earn Respect? - PG10
  8. An Indication that the Intellect is Tormented - PG11
  9. Meditation to Save Oneself From False Love - PG12
  10. The Destructiveness of False Love - PG14
  11. Where Does the Sanctity of a Woman Lie? - PG15
  12. The Disgraceful Occupation of Air Hostesses - PG17
  13. An Admonitory Consequence of Non-Purdah - PG18
  14. Marital Life is Destroyed Through Casting Evil Glances - PG23
  15. The Patient Does not Have the Right to Object to his Doctor - PG24
  16. Disparaging Beauty Does not Entail Indignity to Anyone - PG26
  17. A Pious Husband Loves his Wife the Most - PG27
  18. Stupidity Is the Torment of Allâh Ta’ala - PG28
  19. Making Objections to the Shaikh is a Sign of Deprivation - PG29
  20. The Treatment for False Love - PG30
  21. Remaining Aloof From Beautiful Boys and Girls is the Only Way to Save Oneself from Sin -PG35
  22. The Bounty of the Company of the Pious - PG36
  23. Pakistan is an Islamic State - PG37
  24. Who is Eligible for Ties of Kinship? - PG38
  25. Control the Tongue - PG39
  26. When is it Sunnah to Get Married? - PG39

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