We will please Allah Ta'ala

اپنے مالک کو راضی کریں خوب ہم

We will please Allah Ta'ala

جس کے دل میں نہیں ہے ترا درد  و غم            ہوکے انسان نہیں جانور سے وہ کم

That heart that is void of the love of Allah Ta'ala, in spite of being a human, he is not a human rather he is inferior even to an animal

If a dog gets a piece of bread from your door, it remains loyal to the master, doesn’t leave the door. We get everything from Allah Ta'ala. If we have an employee that is being paid weekly, he is absent from work for the week yet he asks for his remuneration at the end of the week, we will perhaps give him a kick for such a demand. We are not punctual with our 5 daily Salaah, but Allah Ta'ala never kicks us out, nor does He make us sleep hungry. If a student doesn’t pay attention in class, it causes the Ustaad to become angry. We are negligent in our Salaah, our minds are wandering about in Salaah yet Allah Ta'ala blesses us with so much. We have the best homes to live in, the best cars to travel in, the best food to eat, the best clothing to wear yet we are not fit for it at all. We should try to please Allah Ta'ala as He is the one that has blessed us with our very existence, given us our eyes, ears, brains, heart, kidneys, lungs, etc. After eating His sustenance, we displease Him and please His enemy Shaytaan. Can this ever be a human being, the person that favours you, instead of pleasing Him, you please His enemy.           

دوستوں سن لو تم کچھ مری داستاں                  ایک دن پھر نہیں ہوگے دنیا میں ہم

Friends, Listen to what we have to tell you, one day we won’t be present in the world to tell you.

We should appreciate our Hadrat whilst he is with us and act upon the advices given, otherwise we will regret when they gone from the world.

خاک تن میں نہیں ہے اگر درد دل                                کوئی قیمت نہیں خاک ہیں صرف ہم

If the pain of the love of Allah Ta'ala is not in this body that is made of sand and water, then this body has no value, it is only sand.

Allah Ta'ala has created everything so that we find Allah Ta'ala, we recognise Allah Ta'ala. The love of Allah Ta'ala comes into a person in proportion to the amount of recognition of Allah that he has acquired. I was not in existence, Allah Ta'ala blessed me with existence and favoured us with His bounties. Allah Ta'ala made us human beings, Muslims, in the Ummat of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam. What can we say about that person that doesn’t even think of these favours? If a person deposits R1000.00 in your account weekly, yet you don’t even care about this person, or you don’t even make an attempt to try and find out who this person is and thank him, then are you even been called a human being? We enjoying great favours of Allah Ta'ala such as being a human being, Imaan, yet we don’t even think of these favours

دو جہاں میں کوئی میری قیمت نہیں                                     ہاں اگر آپ کی ہو نگاہ کرم

I have no value in the two worlds, Yes! If Allah showers His kindness upon us then we have some value.

Our value is only if the kindness of Allah Ta'ala is upon us. If the kindness of Allah Ta'ala is being showered upon us, then we leave the world with Imaan. Our Value is not based even on our Aamaal, if we carry out our Aamaal 100% correct, then too it is not obligatory upon Allah Ta'ala to accept us. A person should always think, wherever he is, is my Allah happy with me? No matter what a great Alim a person may be, or involved in Jihad, then too he should be concerned whether Allah is pleased with him or not. A person cannot force or bribe Allah to become pleased with him. We can only humble ourselves before Allah Ta'ala so that He is pleased with us, if a person owns nothing of the world but Allah is happy, he has got everything, and if a person has got everything of Dunya but Allah Ta'ala is displeased then in reality he has got nothing.     

صحبت اہل دل سے ملا درد دل                           ورنہ پاتے کہاں سے یہ دولت بھی ہم

The love of Allah is acquired in the company of the lovers of Allah,  otherwise where would we have acquired this treasure (of the love of Allah)?

Allah Ta'ala states in the Quraan,

الرحمٰن فاسئل به خبيرا

Who is Rahman? Ask those that are informed (of Allah Ta'ala)

The love of Allah and Marifat of Allah Ta'ala is acquired from them. The recognition of Allah is in the Quraan Sharif, like a person that has all the programmes on computer but he has to click in the correct place to access the programme. Similarly, we have to click with Ahlullah and we gain access to the love of Allah. We will make our Zikr, Tilaawat, all our efforts, etc. but click onto Ahlullah to acquire the love of Allah. Knowledge can be acquired from Darul Ulooms, Ma’rifat can be acquired by pondering in the creation of Allah but the love of Allah can only be acquired by staying with the friends of Allah.    

درد دل سیکھنا ہے اگر دوستوں                   ساتھ میرے رہو پھر سیکھائیں ہم

If you want to learn the love of Allah friends, then remain with me and we will teach it to you.

A person is ill with jaundice, he has the illness but his bed sheet, pillow also turn yellow. Similarly, by staying with the lovers of Allah, the love of Allah within them will transfer into you. The more we trust the lover of Allah, the greater the benefit we will take.

سارے ارض وسما اور شمس و قمر                     دیکھ کر پاگئے اپنے خالق کو ہم

Looking at the skies and earth, the sun and the moon, just by looking at them we have acquired our creator.  

Allah Ta'ala has created a thing like time which we don’t even recognise what a great creation of Allah it is. We are living in time, whatever happens takes place in time yet we don’t even recognise it, yet Allah created it. Time is something abstract, it cannot be felt, touched, and cannot be seen. Then Allah Ta'ala gave us means to measure time, which is the sun and the moon. The five daily Salaah are measured by sun, before sunrise is the time of Fajr, after Zawaal is Zuhr, before sunset is Asr and after sunset is Maghrib, etc. The months are measured with the moon. A person can see the sunrise, he can see the sun passing the zenith by placing an object on the ground, one observes the sunset as well. Calculation of the months is by the moon. This also has been made so easy by looking at the new moon every month, otherwise mathematical calculations are difficult particularly for the villagers. These are simply the benefits, the greatest thing is, who has created it? Appreciate the sweet peaches, litchis, mango, etc. that we eat. How did Allah Ta’ala make it? Colourless water falls on such ground that has no taste, colour or smell. In fact, the ground is considered as useless, we walk on the ground, kick the ground, spit on the ground, the sewerage is absorbed into the ground, now from this ground Allah Ta'ala takes out fruit as sustenance for us. If we take mangoes, there are so many types of mangoes, different colours of mangoes, each one having a different taste, where has all these differences come from? Is from the water or is it from the soil? Some fruits such as pineapples and guavas give off a lovely smell as well, the price of this is not the money we pay at the fruiterer rather it is the recognition of Allah Ta'ala. By recognising Allah Ta'ala and expressing gratitude, one would have so to say paid the price.

The favours of Allah Ta'ala in the world are innumerable, the heavens and the earth are great bounties, at the time of sunrise and sunset there are beautiful scenes which indicate towards the greatness of Allah Ta'ala, but more beautiful than these scenes is the recognition of Allah Ta'ala in one’s heart. There are signs of Allah Ta'ala in everything, whether the heavens, the earth, the animals, the humans, etc.

After seeing all these signs we have recognised our Allah Ta'ala. Imaam Shafi R.A was asked, “How did you recognise Allah?” He didn’t recite any verse of the Quraan Sharif, rather he said, “I looked at a silkworm and a mulberry leaf, and pondered in how the silkworm produces silk.” The silkworm didn’t attend any college or university to learn how to make silk. In fact the scientist of the universities go to the silkworm to learn how silk is manufactured. It is studies in detail in laboratories. The silkworm is so soft that it can be crushed with one’s fingers, similar is the leaf yet they manufacture such silk that two elephants are unable to tear it apart. Bullet proof vests are made with silk, so who taught the silkworm how to make the silk.

Imaam Ahmad R.A was asked, “How did you recognise Allah?” He said, “I saw an oval white egg, without any window or air vent, not even a hole equivalent to the size of a needle, and after 21/28 days a living chicken had come out of there. The little chick was living in there but there was no means for oxygen to get through the egg. If the little chick doesn’t receive oxygen, it would die immediately, where did the chicken receive oxygen from? The chicken requires food as well, for the human beings Allah has attached the umbilical cord by which the child is being fed, and the nourishment of the child is the monthly menses of the mother. Life enters the child after a period of 4 months. As for the chicken, there isn’t any such connection between the mother and the unborn chick, but Allah Ta'ala feeds it. When we eat the chicken, reflect for a moment as to how the chicken had come into existence. We can enjoy the egg in whichever form it may be, enjoy the chicken but at least recognise the creator of these things.

If we don’t recognise Allah Ta'ala, it is a sign of our disloyalty towards Allah. A dog that gets a piece of bread from our door is loyal to us yet we are disloyal in spite of us enjoying countless bounties from Allah Ta'ala.                                 

دل کے ملنے کی ہے بات کچھ اور ہی                                ساتھ رہتے ہیں گو ایک مدت سے ہم

To get a heart is something else, even though we are staying for a lengthy duration with you

A man experiences such enjoyment when he falls in love with a woman, what will his condition be when he falls in love with Allah, who is the creator of love. The place of love is the heart and the creator of love is Allah alone, He can change the condition of love to hatred at any time as well. The day a person gets the love of Allah, it will be a different day altogether. This will come after staying with the Sheikh and fulfilling the etiquettes of the Sheikh. If it is extremely hot outside, perhaps 50 degrees Celsius, and we are sitting in the house with the air conditioner switched on but the windows are open as well. Where will the cool breeze benefit us! Similarly, if we stay with the Sheikh but we backbite, look at Na-Mahram women, etc. how will we find Allah Ta'ala? A friend of ours was a diabetic, his sugar levels wouldn’t drop so finally he had to be hospitalised. There he was being monitored continuously but his sugar levels just wouldn’t drop defying all their theories. Eventually, the nurse found chocolate wrappings under his pillow, which meant that he was secretly eating chocolates. Similarly, if we secretly remain involved in sins, we will never reach Allah Ta'ala even though we are sitting in the Majlis of the Sheikh for a long period of time.  

سختیاں شیخ کی ہیں فنا کے لئے                     مت سمجھ مت سمجھ اس کو ہر گز ستم

The harshness of the Sheikh is to annihilate us, don’t ever regard this as oppression.

As long as a person has pride at whichever level, he won’t reach Allah Ta'ala. It is easy to humble oneself before the Sheikh, but from here learn to be humble before the wife, before our workers, even though they are employed by us. There we show a bossy and arrogant attitude. Allah will never enter a heart that is filled with pride, He enters the heart of a humble person. The reprimanding of the Sheikh is to annihilate us. When parents reprimand their children and hit them, they feel their parents hate them and they feel like leaving the home and running away. Where will parents ever hate their children, whatever they are doing is for the benefit of their children. Likewise, understand the scolding of the Sheikh.     

اختر بے نوا  کی صدائیں سنو                   اپنے مالک کو راضی کریں خوب ہم

Listen to the calls of Akhtar who is nothing, we will please our Maalik (Allah Ta'ala)

If Allah Ta'ala is happy, we have everything, but if Allah is unhappy, we got absolutely nothing. The indication that Allah Ta'ala is happy is that we are given the ability to wear clothing according to the way of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam.We carry out such Aamaal that are pleasing to Him. With all our Aamaal we got to keep begging of Allah Ta'ala to be pleased as there is a possibility that there is one Amal that Allah Ta'ala is displeased with. For example, a person gets married to a beautiful woman that has good character, good morals, good conduct, etc. but her mouth gives off a terrible stench then the husband stays far. We don’t know what Allah is displeased with, perhaps speak ill of other people or look down upon other people, harbour ill feelings of Ulema, etc. We hear of some rumour and we propagate it, but we have no proof whereas the Quraan Sharif teaches us to investigate and ascertain the authenticity of the information. Therefore, we should continuously engage in Taubah, Istighfaar, and recitation of Durood Sharif.

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq!