The Respect That Our Elders Had Amongst Themselves Inspite Of Their Differences

I had read about Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani R.A. We should study the lives of our Akaabireen and take lesson from the manner in which they dealt with each other in spite of their differences. Hadrat Maulana Madani R.A was against the partition of India and Pakistan. He was of the opinion that India remain as one country, undivided. Hadrat Maulana Thanvi R.A was of the opinion that Muslims should have their own country. Both supported their ideas.

Due to this difference amongst these great Akaabireen, the people supported whom they were in favour of. Hadrat Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani R.A and Hadrat Maulana Thanvi R.A enjoyed such a relationship that perhaps blood brothers wouldn’t enjoy. Their differences were in place but they had not entertained any sort of hatred or enmity for each other. This is something that we cannot fathom.

Hadrat Sheikh R.A. has written that there was some dispute in regards to some land in the district of Kandhla between two families. The dispute was to be resolved in court. However, when they would travel to the court then both families (plaintiff and defendant) would travel together on the same ox wagon. They would carry their provisions which would be shared amongst themselves as well irrespective of their dispute. Their brotherhood was not afflicted in the least bit. These are such things that we cannot imagine in this day and age. This was not very long ago, can we then imagine the close brotherhood during the era of the Sahaaba R.A!

Anyway, one person had commented on Hadrat Madani R.A. in a disrespectful manner, and thereafter requested another person to inform Hadrat Thanvi R.A of his action in the Khanqah. This person didn’t have the courage to utter such disrespectful words to Hadrat Thanvi R.A. Allah Ta'ala works in amazing ways. Maulana Thanvi R.A received a letter the very day and said, “Hadrat Madani R.A accomodates everyone, the Khanqah is open 24 hours without any rules and regulations. All are welcome.” Here is an example by which we will understand the tolerance of Hadrat Madani R.A, there was a particular individual that didn’t perform a single Salaah in the Khanqah, yet he would be first on the Dastarkhaan at meal times, so the cook asked him to leave. Hadrat Maulana Madani R.A noticed him missing and enquired about him, the cook said, “Hadrat, he doesn’t come for a single Salaah.” Hadrat Maulana said, “Is it your job or my job to check on his Salaah? It is your job to feed my guest for which I have hired you.” We on the other hand shouldn’t take advantage of their big heartedness and their quality of accommodating one and all.

The letter also stated that Hadrat Thanvi R.A was very strict and hard on his principles. Hadrat Thanvi R.A read the letter to all those present in the Majlis. He replied by saying, “I am like a tub of water, if some impurity falls in it, all the water becomes Napaak, whilst Hadrat Madani R.A is like a river.” Even if one urinates in it, the water doesn’t become Napaak. This is the relationship that they enjoyed. When this was discussed in the Majlis, the person that was told to inform Hadrat Thanvi R.A of his behaviour with Hadrat Madani R.A got some courage to speak and then informed Hadrat Thanvi R.A of this person. Hadrat called for him and enquired what he said? On informing Hadrat Thanvi R.A of his disrespectful behaviour, he was taken out of the Khanqah. He was causing friction between two Khanqahs, there are also those that cause friction amongst Mureeds.

Later, this person wanted to return to the Khanqah. Maulana Thanvi R.A said, “You should go to Maulana Madani R.A, request forgiveness and Maulana must sign that he has forgiven you.” He brought a note with Hadrat Madani R.A.’s signature that he has been forgiven, Hadrat said, “I don’t know if you mentioned the entire incident.” The guilty party always explains his side of the story and forgets of his wrongs. Hadrat Thanvi R.A now instructed that the entire story must be written and then Hadrat Madani R.A should sign. It was signed for the second time by Hadrat Madani R.A and Hadrat himself interceded on behalf of this person that he be accepted in the Khanqah. Then only he was allowed in the Khanqah. Hadrat Madani R.A was an angel, these are the words that come onto my tongue for him.