Protecting One's Gazes

We come to these gatherings to revise our lessons. Allah Ta’ala states, “Remind for verily reminder is beneficial to the believers.” Our Sheikh R.A. says, “The voice of the speaker reaches him first as his ears are closest to him.” When Hadratjee Maulana Maseehullah Saheb R.A instructed Hajee Farouq Saheb R.A. to commence with Majlis, no one had attended his Majalis for a period of six months. He continued conducting Majlis all by himself and was personally benefitting. Then a person that was stone deaf attended the Majlis for the next two years, but Hadrat continued with the Majlis. Thereafter, Allah Ta’ala made people from around the world come and attend the Majlis. If we have Majlis, conduct Taleem, etc. then we will be the very first beneficiaries. This is one of the objectives of giving Khilaafat, that the Khalifah conducts Majlis and personally benefits.

In this poem, we are reminded to lower our gazes. This should cause us to feel guilty of our actions and make Tauba. If we repeat the error, we should repent again and this must continue until our very end. If we are not reminded of the sin of casting lustful gazes, it slips away from the mind which results in the eyes becoming totally out of control. This sin then affects the mind, heart and other worse forms of evil could also take place. This poem is titled, Hifaazat-e-Nazr which means guarding our gazes.



بے پردہ حسینوں سے ہوا تنگ زمانہ         

Because of women that do not adorn Purda, things have become difficult

A person’s eyes are going to fall on other women whilst driving, walking, etc. which make things difficult. This is due to the environment we live in. There are also those places in the world where people spend most of their time in the Masjid. There is an island close to Zanzibar where people open their shops from 10am – 3pm. The remainder of the time is spent in the Masjid making Tilaawat of the Quraan Sharif. There are many such people in the world that have devoted most of their time to Ibaadat. This is something which we cannot understand as our lifestyle is completely different; in fact we have forgotten the object of our life. We are trapped in the things of Dunya and to come out of that is very difficult.

The true Purda is when women are not even seen on the streets. We had personally witnessed whilst studying in Deoband that if a woman wanted to cross the street, a carriage would be brought on that particular street. The road was so narrow that so to say the carriage would take up the area that is between the two houses, in fact a car was unable to cross the street. The woman that wanted to cross over would emerge from her house and get directly onto the carriage which had curtains to conceal the passenger, and exit on the other side of the carriage and enter the house on the opposite side. In this way, she is not seen by any men at all to the extent that her shape, size, etc. is not revealed at all. We study in the Ahadith that Aisha i would travel in a carriage that would be placed on the back of a camel as well. May Allah Ta’ala bring back those good days when there was such a high level of Purda. It is not farfetched particularly when there are so many good Ulema being produced, and with the Tabligh Jamaat doing such great work.

However, in this poem Hadrat says that times have become difficult for a person that wants to save himself from women, as women are without Purda. This poem refers to the women of Pakistan as they do not adorn the Purda. In our country there is nakedness which make things more difficult. In the months of summer we go to such places for holidays where these naked women are found wandering about. We should try and avoid such places.

آنکھوں نے شروع کردیا اب دل کو ستانا

The eyes have now started troubling a person

When a person passes by a woman, the person desires to look at her properly as he may not get another opportunity again. On looking, the heart starts troubling which is a natural consequence that follows, we should therefore be very careful in regards to the eyes. In this day and age, we should consider Tauba and Istighfaar compulsory in our lives. An ideal time to do this is at the time of retiring to bed, make Tauba of all our sins before sleeping. We aren’t aware of many sins that we commit and some sins are even considered as acts of piety. A person gives an elderly woman a lift, or he smiles at a woman considering it to be courteous, but it is a sin in reality and Taubah is required. A person should repent together with the requisites of Taubah, that is, refrain from the evil that you are involved in, regret over your actions, and make a firm determination never to return to the evil. If you have outstanding rights of any servants, fulfil those rights as well. The sign which indicates that the Taubah of a person is accepted is that a person gets the Taufeeq of sorting out his matters.

ممکن نہیں صورت میں نہ ہو کوئی تغیر      

It is not possible that the forms won’t change

The woman looks very attractive and tempting today, but she will finally become an old lady. Why are we giving our heart to something that will change like this? Hadrat Hakim Saheb R.A. used to say that it is permissible to love one’s wife, in fact it is required. It is mentioned that a husband that makes love with his wife, Allah writes it as His love. The Sahaaba were surprised that a person attains such rewards in fulfilling his desire with his spouse. Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam asked, “If a person fulfils his desire in a Haraam avenue, won’t he be sinful?” They replied, “Yes!” Similarly, if a person fulfils his desire in the correct place he will be rewarded for it. Notwithstanding the above, the heart should be given to Allah alone and not even to one’s wife. The real test is when a person loses his wife. What is his condition at that stage? A man whose heart is attached to Allah knows that Allah Ta’ala is that being that will never die and whose beauty will never come to an end.

          بیکار ہے پھر ان سے ترا دل کا لگانا

It is useless that you give them your heart

When the form of these women will change, why do you then give them your heart? After a few children their shape is lost, rather give your heart to that being that is most beautiful and forever. All the beauty of the world and of Jannat cannot come close to the beauty of Allah Ta’ala.

لیکن اگر آنکھوں کو نہ تو اس سے بچائے      ممکن نہیں  پھر دل کا ترے ان سے بچانا

If you don’t save your eyes from them, you won’t be able to save your heart from them.

When the eyes are not safe, a man starts fantasizing, planning, and the list goes on.

آنکھوں کی حفاظت میں ہے اس دل کا سکوں بھی       

In protecting one’s eyes lies the contentment of the heart

A person that doesn’t protect his eyes is unable to find contentment in his own wife. The peace in the house is lost.

گو نفس کرے تجھ سے کوئی اور بہانا

Even though the Nafs makes some other excuse

The Nafs will tell you that the women will think bad of you, “What kind of people are these that they don’t even look at you.” The Nafs will tell us to be courteous, polite and kind. If you are checking in at a airport, or at the bank teller then you must joke with the teller else you not considered as a friendly person. You rather be called a foolish or stuck-up person but don’t succumb to the dictate of the Nafs.

دھوکہ ہے تجھے لطف حسینوں سے ملے گا     ابلیس کے کہنے سے کبھی اس پہ نہ جانا

It is mere deception that you can attain enjoyment from these beauties, don’t ever go to them on the instructions of Iblees

Shaytaan makes her look beautiful and you then desire to go to her. Those that got involved really regretted their action. How didn’t they hang their heads in shame? It is many times too late to regret.

پاگل کی طرح پھرتے ہیں عشاق مجازی      

Those running behind the women are like insane people

Some people have mood swings, sometimes a man gets into the mood of buying a speed boat, or sometimes he is in the mood of purchasing a racing bicycle which cost R40 000,00, or having the garden done up, all of these things are extremely costly, so one starts working day and night like a mad person to reach his objective. The greatest achievement is acquiring Allah Ta’ala. Similarly, those involved in ill-licit affairs run like crazy people behind their beloved.

بے چین ہیں دن رات یہ بد نام زمانہ

They are restless day and night, this blamed time

People are with their phones all the time. They are not finishing with their messages.

رہنا ہے اگر چین سے سن لو یہ مری بات     آنکھوں کو حسینوں کی نظر سے نہ ملانا

If you want to live with peace and contentment, listen to me, don’t let the eyes meet with these temporary beauties

Sometimes the eyes do fall on other woman but don’t let the eyes meet. This shows the importance of covering the eyes. At the same time, women shouldn’t take advantage and glance at other men from behind the Purda. Maulana Nadeem Saheb R.A. used to say, “The entire family sits together and watches a cricket match. The wife says, “Look at this bowler, that batsman, etc. and admires him.” A man looks at the female newsreader and takes enjoyment, or a male looks at a female newsreader and takes enjoyment, which is Haraam.

اختر کی یہ اک بات نصیحت کی سنو تم        

Listen to this one advise of Akhtar

ان مردہ حسینوں سے کبھی دل نہ لگانا

Don’t ever attach your heart to these dead corpses

Those that do not make Zikr, do not remember Allah Ta’ala etc. are like dead corpses. May Allah Ta’ala save us out of His kindness. People working in town and offices are in such environments that they in contact with women. Those that are in Deeni works, Deeni environments but get involved, then it is really a sad case. May Allah guide us! Ameen.