In my storms / turbulences I had the shores (comfort)

میرے طوفانوں میں بھی ساحل رہے

In my storms / turbulences I had the shores (comfort)          

This is when a person enjoys a relationship with Allah Ta'ala. Every person experiences conditions, problems at some time or the other, but the person that has a relationship with Allah Ta'ala knows that he has Allah Ta'ala even in his difficulties. He has a support in his life and can make Dua to Allah Ta'ala. He finds great solace in turning and begging from Allah Ta'ala. A person that doesn’t have any connection with Allah Ta'ala then he is in a pitiable condition when these problems come.

دردِ دل کے فیض یوں شامل رہے                  میرے طوفانوں  میں بھی ساحل رہے

The blessings of the love of Allah Ta'ala was included in this way, that in my difficulties I enjoyed the shores (i.e. I had comfort)

Outwardly, a person goes through some conditions but internally he knows that he has Allah Ta'ala with him. A person that has the fort of Allah Ta'ala feels comforted greatly. Those that lower themselves before false deities where can they assist, yet when a person has Allah then he can turn to Allah Ta'ala.    

آہ جو محروم درد دل رہے                             ان کے آب وگل بس آب وگل رہے

Aah! The one that is deprived of the love of Allah, their sand and water (physical body) merely remained sand and water

What a pity upon that person that spent his life in Ibaadat and Deen but never found the love of Allah Ta'ala. Their body is a biological body of sand and water and will remain sand and water. Allah Ta'ala had sent us into this world to transform this body into the love of Allah Ta'ala.   

بعض ناداں عمر بھر قائل رہے                      فائدہ کیا جب نہ وہ گھائل رہے

Some immature kept saying throughout their lives, what is the benefit when one was not wounded (in the heart with the love of Allah

جو بھی اہل اللہ سے تھے بد گماں                     عمر بھر نابالغ منزل رہے

Whosoever entertained ill thoughts of the Ahlullah, throughout his life he never reached his destination

Nowadays, people don’t only entertain evil thoughts of the Ahlullah but even of the Sahaabah.

علم کا پندار جن کے دل میں تھا                      ہوکے قابل بھی وہ ناقابل رہے

Whoever’s heart had pride caused by knowledge, in spite of being worthy he remained unworthy

دامن رہبر تھا جن کے ہاتھ میں                     بس وہ رہبر و فائز منزل رہے

Whoever had a guide in his hand, that person became a guide and successful in reaching his destination

عمر بھر پیتے  رہے  جو خون دل                         راہ الفت میں وہی کامل رہے

Who kept drinking the blood of the heart (i.e. one that sacrificed his desires), in the path of the love of Allah he was successful

راہ حق میں گو بلا آتی رہی                             میرے نالے حاصل منزل رہے

In the path of truth in spite of experiencing difficulties, through pleading I reached my destination.

میرا جو غم دافع غفلت ہوا                             آپ کے غم میں وہ غم شامل رہے

My pain that removed negligence, in your grief that pain is included 

داستانِ درد اے اختر سنو                              کس طرح دنیا میں اہل دل رہے

Listen to the story of pain o Akhtar, how did the friends of Allah live in the world.