The Khanqahs



فِي بُيُوتٍ

In houses


The Mufassireen explain that the word ‘Buyut’ is the plural of the word ‘Bait’ which means house. The Mufassireen say that it refers to the Masaajid in this verse. A question arises here, why didn’t Allah Ta'ala say that it can be acquired in the Masajid? An important point is explained by the Mufassireen as to why Allah Ta'ala moved away from using the word Masajid and used the word ‘Buyut’. They say that ‘Buyut’ refer to the Khanqahs. This point has been explained in great detail by Mufti Shafi Saheb R.A. who was a great Mufakkir.


Being a Mufassir of our times, he explains that in the previous times the basement of the Haram of Makkah were filled with such rooms which were termed as ‘Zaawiyya’ which means ‘Khanqah.’ Hajee Imdaadullah Muhaajir Makki r also had his room there. Various Awliya from around the world used to reside in these rooms. The Saudi government would give Iqaamah to those that used to come solely for the purpose of Ibaadat, their accommodation as well as provisions were taken care of. This is the reason for using the word ‘Buyut’, these Khanqahs were generally attached to the Masajids.


With our eyes we had seen the Khanqah of Deoband in the era of Sheikh-ul-Hind R.A., Chatta Masjid, in the time of Hadrat Mufti Mahmood Saheb R.A.. The administration of Deoband had renewed it and done up the Khanqah properly. We had seen the Khanqah of Hadrat Sheikh R.A in Saharanpur which was also attached to the Masjid. We had seen the Khanqah of Hadrat Thanvi R.A which was also with the Masjid. If we go even further, we will find that in the time of Imaam Ghazali R.A. the Khanqah used to be so big that it would accommodate a hundred thousand people.


Mufti Abdullah Phoolpuri D.B. a senior Alim of present times has built a three floor Khanqah. He has even made provisions for families, if anyone intends coming to spend time with their family. Now, Allah Ta'ala explains the programme in the Khanqah.


أَذِنَ اللَّهُ أَن تُرْفَعَ وَيُذْكَرَ فِيهَا اسْمُهُ

Allaah has commanded that they be exalted (honoured and respected) and that His name be taken in them


Here, Allah Ta'ala has indicated that Loud Zikrullah should be made in the Khanqah. The Zikrullah, Baara Tasbeeh which Mashaaikh make and all other forms of Zikr within the confines of Quraan and Hadith have been commanded in the Quraan Sharif. The name of Allah Ta'ala is so pure that if one takes the name of Allah, He will purify your heart. In fact, Allah Ta'ala will burst the heart into Nur of Allah Ta'ala. Your heart will burst with the love of Allah c in such a way that you won’t be able to contain yourself.

Our Sheikh R.A had served Maulana Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri R.A. for seventeen years. When he used to make Tilaawat of the Quraan Sharif, our Sheikh used to sit behind him. After recitation of a few verses, Shah Abdul Ghani R.A used to call out the Takbeer in a loud tone.  Our Sheikh R.A explains that if the steam is not released from a pressure cooker, the cooker will burst. The steam engines and locomotives also have to release their steam regularly. If there is too much of steam the engine will burst. The love of Allah Ta'ala used to build up so greatly in the heart of Shah Abdul Ghani Saheb r that he used to shout the Takbeer loudly. In this way the Noor would be released. This is achieved by making the Zikr of Allah Ta'ala. Allah’s name is so pure that it will purify the heart.

Allah Allah! What a sweet name,

It is sweeter than honey and sugar cane.

Allah Allah! What a great name!

It purifies hearts from all desire for name and fame.



The people don’t realise the value of the name of Allah. By making the morning and evening Zikr regularly, you will be surprised how the Zikr will purify you. The Zikr of Allah Ta'ala should be done regularly, whilst awake, not half sleeping. It should be done with love, in a passionate manner. It is mentioned in the Hadith that a person that doesn’t have love for Zikr, doesn’t have love for Allah Ta'ala. I commonly say that if a person is engaged to a girl by the name of Fatima, then her name makes a person mad. Allah Ta'ala who gave us eyes, brains, Islam and Imaan, and every bounty that you enjoying, how is it that we don’t take enjoyment taking the name of Allah Ta'ala?


اللہ اللہ کیسا پیارا نام ہے                                عاشقوں کا مینا اور جام ہے

Allah, Allah, what a loving name Thou hast,

It is the “wine” of enjoyment of Thy “tavern” being passed


اللہ اللہ ایں چہ شیریں است نام    شیر و شکر می شود جانم تمام

Thy name, Allah Allah, is so sweet

Like sugar stirred in milk, the enjoyment, what a treat.


To acquire this, one has to stay in the company of those people who have enjoyed Zikrullah. One should stay for a few days, then return home and continue. A person will then see the enjoyment in Zikr. You should first acquire the Noor and then spread the Noor wherever you are. One should stay for 3 days, 40 days, or whatever period in order to acquire the Noor. The Sahaaba had spread the Noor of Rasulullah g wherever they went. They didn’t conquer the world, but wherever they went the Noor that they had acquired from Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam had spread.


يُسَبِّحُ لَهُ فِيهَا بِالْغُدُوِّ وَالْآصَالِ

they (men whom Allaah guided) glorify Him morning and evening.

They would engage in the Tasbeeh of Allah Ta'ala, morning and evening. They would also engage in recitation of the Quraan Sharif, Durood Sharif, Istighfaar, etc. as well. May Allah Ta'ala grant us understanding!