Get up and cry in Dua before your Rabb

اپنے مالک سے  اٹھ کرکے فریاد کر

Get up and cry in Dua before your Rabb


اپنے مالک سے  اٹھ کرکے فریاد کر

Get up and plead before your Rabb

This means that one should awaken at the time of Tahajjud and cry before Allah Ta'ala. We should form a habit of waking up at Tahajjud time and making Dua. The word ‘Faryaad’ in the stanza doesn’t just refer to crying but actually it refers to a plea (that is to make Dua like a person that is desperately in need).

دل کو سجدہ میں رو  رو کے آباد  کر

Make your heart alive by crying before Allah Ta'ala in Sajda

When a person cries before Allah Ta'ala, the heart will become alive.

روح کو نور تقوی سے تو شاد کر

Freshen the Rooh (soul) with the Noor of Taqwa

The soul will become fresh and alive when a person abstains from sins.

نفس دشمن ہے دشمن کو ناشاد کر

Nafs is your enemy, destroy your enemy

Unfortunately, today we are pleasing the enemy. The soul (Rooh) is our life but we are killing our Rooh by sinning. When we feel weak and lethargic spiritually, we cannot give up sins, we are unable to get up for Tahajjud, etc. this is an indication that our Rooh is weak. The method of strengthening the Rooh is by adopting Taqwa (refraining from sin.) When a person entertains ill thoughts of others, looks at other women then the enemy Nafs is strengthened.

دل کو نور خدا سے تو آباد کر

Aliven the heart with the Noor of Allah Ta'ala

This means that the heart will become alive with the Ibaadat of Allah Ta'ala. When the heart is alive, then it will control a person, abstaining from sin will then become easy. When the heart is dead, it is impossible to abstain from sin. How can a dead driver drive his vehicle? Can he protect his car from being bumped by other vehicles? So to say, the heart is the driver of the body, so how will one protect himself from temptations if the heart is dead. To strengthen the heart, bring life into it with Ibaadat and the Noor of Allah Ta'ala.

اور گناہوں کی خواہش کو برباد کر

Destroy the desire of sinning

A person will certainly experience the thoughts of sins. The thoughts of sins are not evil. Many feel that their reformation will never take place because of the thoughts of sins. Hadrat Maulana writes that extremely pious also experience the thoughts of sins, but it becomes lighter as a person works on himself. The example of these thoughts are likened to the little kids that run and play in a nursery school, the moment the teacher turns his back the kids are up to some form of mischief. Similarly, thoughts continuously affect a person but we are required to control them the moment we become conscious of them, just as the teacher is required to control the students. It is out of the reach of the teacher to ensure that the kids are absolutely quiet, likewise the occurrence of these thoughts are beyond our control as our hearts are in the control of Allah Ta'ala.

Whilst in Salaah, the presence of the heart (Hudoor-e-Qalb) is not Fardh, Ihdhaar-e-Qalb (making the heart present) is Fardh. When the heart starts wandering about in Salaah, you redirect your attention towards Salaah. When kids are small, they trouble quite a bit, but when they grow up they are not as troublesome as when they were smaller, in fact eventually they will instruct other children to keep silent. Similarly, this heart will also settle down and thereafter control other hearts and tell them how to behave.

حمد سے اس زباں کو تو حمّاد کر

With praises, make this tongue one that will praise You excessively

سر کو چوکٹ پے ان کے تو سجّاد کر

Make the head one that prostrates excessively at Your threshold

قلب اور جاہ کو تو اس در پے تو عباّد کر

Make the heart and soul worshippers on this threshold

اور سکون دل وجاہ کو تو خلاد کر

And let peace of the heart and soul be perpetual

اپنی خوشیوں کو اختر تو برباد کر

O Akhtar, destroy your Haraam desires

Destroy those Haraam desires which lead to your happiness. Don’t ever please your enemy as the most foolish is the one that makes his enemy happy.

اپنے رب کے خوشی سے دل آباد کر

Give life to your heart with the happiness of your Rabb

By pleasing Allah Ta'ala, the Nafs is made alive, one’s friend is pleased and the Nafs becomes one’s enemy. If we simply practice upon this one poem of our Sheikh Ta'ala, then giving up sins and gaining closeness and recognition of Allah will become very easy. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the ability to practice upon it. Ameen.