Advice For The Lovers of Temporary Beauty

نصیحت برائے عاشق مجاز



In this poem are great advices of our Sheikh Rahmatullah Alaih, Hadrat Shah Hakeem Muhamamd Akhtar Saheb Rahmatullah Alaih. A mureed wrote to Hadrat Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Saheb Rahmatullah Alaih in poetry form explaining his spiritual condition, thus Hadrat Rahmatullah Alaih responded to him in poetry form as well.


Shariat has permitted a person to love his wife, but that love is also temporary. It is possible that the wife predeceases the husband, or the husband predeceases the wife, or both spouses pass away together but then too they will not share the same grave rather each one will enter a different grave. True love refers to the love relationship that a servant enjoys with Allah Ta’ala. Allah is the only Being that is always with a person, whether in this world, at the time of death, in the grave, etc. thus our love should be reserved for Allah Ta’ala alone.


People that have made their Islaah understand that true love is reserved for Allah alone. A 20 year old person that has made his Islaah reasonably is far ahead of a 60 year old person that still hasn’t made his Islaah. Similarly, by making one’s Islaah at a young age one realises that the women of the world are useless, in fact they are a source of restlessness. Hadrat Hakim Saheb Rahmatullah Alaih had attained this understanding at a young age and is therefore advising us in this poem.

مشورہ سن لے مرے ہم نشین             دل حسینوں سے ہر گز لگانا نہیں

Listen to my Mashwera! O those that are living with me. Never attach your heart to the temporary beauties of this world.

The command not to incline to the temporary beauties, refer to Haraam women. Yes, one may engage in relations with the wife, fulfil her rights, etc. but again, true love is reserved for Allah Ta’ala alone. When retiring to bed, a man makes love to his wife, but at two or three in the morning he is engaged in conversation with Allah Ta’ala on the Musallah.


In another poem Hadrat states, “Don’t let the eyes meet,” as this is the starting point of an evil relationship. This is later followed by talking, thereafter the heart is overtaken by infatuation, and finally a person reaches such a stage that only Allah Ta’ala is able to protect him. The advice of the Imaam of the Masjid, the Ustaad or Sheikh, etc. is of no avail whatsoever. Such a person is finally destroyed by Shaytaan.  

A Mufti Saheb mentioned that a particular person was starring at a lady in such a way that the woman told him, “You need to wash your eyes with the waters of the seven oceans as your eyes have become so impure.” She then told him, “Look at Mufti Saheb here, he always speaks with his gazes lowered.” This should be our approach if we have to speak to a woman but never let the eyes meet, as the Fitna starts here.

Many people say, “I know my limits and I won’t get involved.” When one gets involved, the effects are devastating to the extent that it leads to a marital breakdown; children are torn apart and live like orphans in spite of having their parents, etc.


Visiting porn sites is worse than looking at living women, as in watching porn a person doesn’t really experience any fear. He is secluded within the confines of his room and deriving enjoyment, whereas the fear of being caught with a living women always remains with a person. A living woman may even insult a person but the porn site invites a person all the time.                      

ہے فلک نوحہ خواں تنگ ہے یہ زمین

As a result of your action the skies are mourning and the earth has become too small

The man is not wanted at home any longer as the wife wants him out, the people in society are keeping away from him, and as a result life becomes unbearable. These are all the consequences of not controlling the gazes.

یوں حسیں کرتے ہیں دل کو اندو ہگیں

In this way the heart is enjoying blindly

When a man is involved in an affair, he is thoroughly enjoying himself and busy laughing away. Not long afterwards, the very woman turns against him.

گل رخوں کو سمجھتا ہے جو گلستاں                      یہ خزا ں ہے خزاں یہ  خزا ں ہے خزا ں

Whoever thinks rosy cheeks to be a garden, remember this is the season of autumn, this is the season of autumn


In the autumn season the leaves have fallen down from the trees, the grass has become dry, yet it is regarded as beauty like the season of spring. This is exactly the condition of a person that is enjoying the Haraam affair with his beloved. He doesn’t enjoy his Halaal wife any longer yet he enjoys the Haraam woman that he is involved with. How hasn’t Shaytaan mesmerised him? If a person sees the green traffic light as red and the red light as green, what will happen to such a person? He will perhaps lose his life in an accident. Similarly, what is the condition of a person that regards another woman as smart, beautiful, as one that knows how to dress, whilst he regards his wife as dull, ugly, and as one that doesn’t know how to adorn herself? Sad is the state of those that say, “Let us enjoy the relationship now and we will correct our matters later,” and fortunate are those that are involved in evil but cut off all relationships immediately.   

اس بیاباں کو تو مت سمجھ گلستاں             ورنہ پچھتائےگا اے میرے مہرباں

Don’t regard this desert and jungle as a garden, else (if you do not listen to me) you will regret O my dear friend

When a man is blinded in his infatuation, he regards the dessert as a garden. He enjoys during his youth but will certainly regret it in his old age. Mufti Wali Hassan Tonki Rahmatullah Alaih of Binnori town (Karachi) used to say, “Fortunate are those that have such elders above them that guide them along.”   

خاک پر خاک اپنی جوانی نہ کر

Don’t destroy the sand of your youth with other sand

You are created from sand, now don’t destroy this youth by throwing sand on it. The woman that you love is also created from sand and will return to sand, your car will also turn to sand, the building that you own will also become sand. Therefore the youth that Allah Ta’ala has given you, give it to Him and He in turn will preserve your youth. There is a poem of Hadrat wherein he states, “The youth are also envying you in your old age,” meaning that those that preserved their youth become the envy of the youngsters even during their old age.

رائیگا اس طرح زندگانی نہ کر

Don’t destroy your life in this way


If a 60 year old man loses his wife, he still desires to get a wife that is 20/30 years old. When buying an animal, we look for a young animal to enjoy the meat. Allah Ta’ala also enjoys the Ibaadat of the young and energetic, particularly when wealth is at their disposal, the avenues of sin are open to them yet they obey and worship Allah Ta’ala. Such Ibaadat is certainly appreciated by Allah Ta’ala.

If a person reaches old age and repents, the doors of Allah Ta’ala are open to him as well. Allah is that kind Being that will never tell him, “Why didn’t you come to Me during your youth, you are now coming to Me when the world has thrown you out?”

ان حسینوں سے کس کو ملا چین ہے           جس نے بھی دل دیا ان کو بے چین ہے

Whoever have given their hearts these temporary beauties are restless, who has attained peace and tranquillity from these temporary beauties?

A person involved in an illicit relationship is always restless. He is worried of what will happen if the spouse finds out, or the parents find out, so although one outwardly seems to be enjoying himself but in reality there isn’t any enjoyment, whereas a man has absolutely no fear when he is enjoying with his wife. A Muttaqi (Allah fearing person) is generally uneasy when committing a sin, whereas an unmindful one dives headlong into the sin and enjoys himself. A Muttaqi will generally think, what will happen to me if I have to die now, or how can I sin when Allah is watching me. True peace and enjoyment lies in the Zikr of Allah Ta’ala on condition that the Zikr is done with concentration. 

These teachings of Hadrat Hakim Saheb Rahmatullah Alaih are extremely valuable and should be appreciated. Hadrat Thanvi Rahmatullah Alaih said, “After 50-80 years, people will appreciate my teachings.” Similarly, we will only appreciate Hadrat’s teachings as time progresses. Initially we had the Fitna of the internet, then the cellphone, and now the net can be accessed from a watch, and we don’t know what lies in store for us.