Aah, that heart that does not possess the pain of Allahs love

 دو جہاں کا مزہ اس کو حاصل نہیں 

آہ جو دل ترے غم کا حامل نہیں

Aah, that heart that does not possess the pain of your love, he has not attained the enjoyment of both the worlds.

Our sheikh Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar saab was a personification of love, meaning if you had to see love in a human form, then you should see it In Hazrat. There was that true love of Allah Ta’ala.

Hazrat takes a deep sigh ‘aah’. That heart which doesn’t have the love Allah Ta’ala. What is that heart, that heart is like nothing. Those that have that love for Allah Ta’ala they feel that sadness for those that don’t have that love.

Our Sheikh rahimuhullah, may Allah reward him, we never knew that was something like the love of Allah Ta’ala. Hazrat came and taught us that is the real love, and that is the only love. With what feeling Hazrat might be saying this poem Aah that heart which doesn’t possess Allah.

We should all check ourselves, how much of the love of Allah is in our hearts. When a person loves someone, the thought of the beloved is in the heart all the time.

Somebody asked Hazrat Ml Thaanwi rahimahullah. How can we think of Allah when we in our business. Hazrat gave a beautiful reply , just like how in your namaaz don’t you think of your business all the time

Hazrat Molana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi rahmatullahi alayh, when his eyes would open in the middle of the night, then immediately he would start reading the kalimah and in the thoughts of Allah Ta’ala.

Hazrat Molana Mohammed Ahmed Saab Partaghari Saab rahmatullahi alayh would say.. nibat usi ka naam he ke us ki gari se tum nikal .. Nisbat and connection with Allah Ta’ala is that you cannot do without thinking of Allah Ta’ala.

Do jaha ka mazaa usko haasil nahi

A person might be dreaming and hallucinating thinking that im enjoying, but he doesn’t know the word enjoyment in reality.

Is the sugar sweet or the one who made the sugar.

Is the moon beautiful or the creator of the moon? Unfortunately we are drowning in the Nimat and we forget the Mun’im (that being who gave the bounty)

The atheist deny Allah, we also in our practical life we are like atheists.                                                                                                                                       

 آپ چاہیں ہمیں یہ کرم آپ کا

ورنہ ہم چاہنے کے تو قابل نہیں

If you like us, then this is only your kindness otherwise we are not worthy to be liked.


صحبت اہل دل جس نے پائی نہ ہو

اس کا غم غم نہیں اس کا دل دل نہیں

The one who did not attain the companionship of the pious, his grief is not (true) grief, his heart is not a (real) heart.

Every creation has got a heart. But here the friends of Allah are called ahle dil because they have a heart that is connected to Allah.

Why is the love of Allah Ta’ala called gham? The people of the dunya see him on the musalla and making so much Mujaahada, there is no sorrow ask him what his enjoying.


جس جگہ آپ کا قرب ملتا نہ ہو

ہو کے منزل بھی وہ میری منزل نہیں

The place wherein your closeness is not attained, it may be a destination, but it is not my destination.

There might be some hifz jalsa, and apparently everything is just for show and name. there might be a deeni gathering or a bukhaari khatam, but there are woman present there. But these places though it is a Quraan khatam or a walimah but it not for me. Another example, a person is travelling to Durban, there are many stations coming on the way, there are proper stations but its not my station.

غیر حق سے لگاتا ہے جو اپنا دل

تیری الفت کے غم کا وہ حامل نہیں

Whoever attatches his heart to anyone besides Allah Ta’ala, he does not possess the pain of your love

Even if you have 10 million rands, do not let the love of it come in your heart. The love of 1cent to come in the heart is haram.

آپ کا ہوں میں بس اور کسی کا نہیں

کوئی لیلی نہیں کوئی محمل نہیں

I only belong to you and no one else, not to any Layla nor for any position.

 Ibraaheem bin Adham (rahmatullahi alayh) was the king of the time in Balkh. he was a pious person. One night he heard some noice by the roof, he asked whose there on the kings bedroom roof. The reply came im looking for my camel. Ibraheem bin adham said: foolish man, middle of the night you looking for your camel and that to on the roof of the palace. He said I may be foolish looking for my camel here, you are more foolish looking for Allah in the comfort of your bed.

Immediately he removed his royal garb and wore simple clothes, and he went to the jungle looking for Allah. When he was in the jungle, Allah Ta’ala would send for him Biryani.

There was another pious person also in the jungle. He told Allah “if you give me my roti chutney(simple food) everyday, I will dedicate myself to your Ibaadat”. Allah Ta’ala made for him the arrangements accordingly and he was also in the jungle worshipping Allah Ta’ala.

When he saw that ibraaheem bin Adham rahimahullah has come and he is getting biryani, he complained to Allah Ta’ala. “ya Allah im here for so many years, and im getting roti chutney, and this man has only come today, and hes getting biryani. Allah said if you want to, you can take your sickle and continue cutting grass, you only sacrificed your sickle and he sacrificed his whole kingdom.

So, According to ones sacrifice Allah gives accordingly.

کہ رہا ہے یہ اختر ببانگ دہل

بحر اُلفت کا کوئی بھی ساحل نہیں

 Akhtar is saying at the top of of his voice. The sea of the love of Allah has no shore.

 That is there is no end to the love of Allah Ta’ala. As you progress and go higher, the more one feels his far from Allah.