See the Benefit of the Khanqah


ذرا  دیکھو تو فیض خانقاہی



We are all concerned of our Islaah. In this poem Hadrat R.A. has corrected certain aspects that require rectification in one’s life. These are just a few pertinent points that are pointed out in this poem.

مچادے گی وہ باہی تباہی                

Your impermissible lust and glancing at other women will result in your destruction

Many people say that we are just looking, there isn’t anything to give or take, in other words there isn’t anything beyond our lustful glances. This is the just the starting point, which leads a person onto more serious issues. Shaytaan deceives us and as a result we say, “I know my limits.” I can surf the Haraam sites on the net or look at impermissible women, but Hadrat warns that if you are not careful then you will destroy yourself.

    نہ کر اے دوست ہر گز بد نگاہی

Never look at other women, my dear friend

At another place Hadrat explained that it is certainly the favour of Allah Ta'ala that the sin of lustful glances has been cut off at the root. It starts from looking and then gets more serious until one totally destroys himself. A person is permitted to look at his wife throughout the entire night without any problem whatsoever, but he is not permitted to look at strange women even for a moment.

چٹائی پر ملےگا تخت شاہی             اگر حاصل کرو عشق الہی

On the grass mat a person will attain the throne of the king, if you attain the love of Allah Ta'ala

This means that a person will get the enjoyment of a king in his simple life if he only acquires the love of Allah Ta'ala. When a person discards all forms of Haraam love, Allah Ta'ala will fill the heart with His love. A vacuum will not remain in the heart. On the other hand, if the heart is void of the love of Allah Ta'ala, many forms of Haraam will enter the heart.

غضب سے تو اگر مغلوب  ہوگا                                      بکے گی پھر زباں واہی تباہی

If you are overpowered with anger then the tongue indulges in useless/futile talks

Anger is a sin which stems from pride; in fact it is the result of pride. Due to uncontrollable anger, one falls into various sins. When angry, a person becomes vulgar, accuses innocent people, becomes violent, etc. A person destroys himself due to these two factors, one is due to him not controlling his lust, and the other is due to him not having control over his anger. A person that gains control over these two factors will be granted the ability of inculcating the love of Allah c in the heart Insha’Allah.

حسینوں سے اگر ملنا نہ چھوڑا                                          نہیں پہنچے گا دربار الہی

If you don’t discard meeting with the opposite sex you will never reach the court of Allah Ta'ala

Some people mix with Ghair Mahram and consider their action to be clean fun. Perpetrating Haraam acts can never be considered as clean fun. This sin deprives a person from reaching the court of Allah Ta'ala.

Many people also feel that they won’t get involved in sin. Hadrat R.A says, “Many people working in offices with women say, we don’t know what is the problem with you Molvis? You consider everything as Haraam whereas we are working with these Ghair Mahram women yet we do not have any feelings for them.“ Hadrat used to say, “You need to be checked up if you don’t have any feelings whilst mixing with the opposite gender. There is a problem with you.” A person is automatically attracted by the opposite sex and that is the reason why the laws of Purda have been formulated. Today, there are women in every place thus a person should exercise caution in regards to the eyes and thereafter resort to Taubah and Istighfgaar. Women are present on the roads, offices, banks, shops, malls, etc. thus one will have to encounter them at some stage or the other.

وہی پہنچتا ہے دربار خدا میں                                          ملی ہے جس کو آہ سحر گاہی 

The person that has been blessed with the ability of supplicating/sighing at the time of Tahajjud reaches the court of Allah Ta'ala

Hadrat Maulana Thanvi R.A has written that those that are unable to awaken at the time of Tahajjud shouldn’t be disillusioned. They should perform their Tahajjud at night before sleeping. However, the reward for the person that awakens in the early hours of the morning for Tahajjud Salaah is far greater than the one performing Tahajjud before sleeping.

                                     ہوئے ہیں رند کتنے اولیاء بھی                                                ذرا دیکھو تو فیض  خانقا ہی

How many that were distant from Allah Ta'ala became Awliya , look at the blessings of the Khanqah

These blessings are for those that attend the Majalis regularly and act upon the prescriptions that have been prescribed by the Sheikh. This doesn’t only apply to the Khanqah but even to the Tabligh Jamaat, during Ghusht a brother is met that is far from Deen. The same brother reaches such heights that the inviter hasn’t reached as yet.

Some students of East Africa went to study in Hardoi. They weren’t leaving their rooms, not even for Salaah. Hadrat Maulana Abrar-ul-Haq Saheb R.A sent someone to call them. The person returned saying, “There aren’t any students in that particular room.” Hadrat said, “The students are certainly there as that is their room.” He was sent for the second time. He returned saying, “There are youngsters there wearing tops and pants.” Hadrat said that they are the students. The very same students then became great Huffaz, Ulema and Awliya.

We too have seen students coming to the Madrasah dressed in a similar manner. However, when they start studying and the reality of Deen enters them, how don’t they change their lives and in fact many dedicate their lives in serving the Deen of Allah Ta'ala. This is the blessing of the efforts of Deen.

کھلا کیا راز سلطان بلخ پر                                                 فقیری لی ہے دے کر تاج شاہی

What secrets were opened up upon the king of Balkh, he gave away the royal crown and chose a life of poverty

He didn’t even posses a shack to reside in, he lived at the bank of the river, in the forest and jungles, etc. and remained perpetually engaged in communication with Allah Ta'ala.

غذا اس نفس سرکش کی تو کم کر                                  نہ کھا  ہر روز ظالم مرغ  وماہی

Decrease the quantity of food of this rebellious Nafs, O my dear friend that is doing great wrong to himself, don’t eat fish and chicken daily

Hadrat advices that we should eat a little less, whereas our condition is such that we indulge in eating rich food all the time. These items increase the lust within a person. Unfortunately, without chicken there isn’t a meal today. The chicken that we eat has been injected with such things that don’t only increase our physical diseases but even our spiritual diseases. We are living in difficult times but the mercy of Allah c is also according to that. Nowadays, people only want to eat chicken and beef, Dhaar and vegetables are out of the question. Hadrat advices that refrain from these rich types of food if you intend making your Islaah. These rich foods are extremely harmful to a person.

جو اہل دل کی صحبت میں رہے گا                    وہی پائے گا بس  عشق الٰہی

Those that stay in the company of Ahle Dil (such people whose hearts are inclined towards Allah c and Deen), they will find the love of Allah Ta'ala.

By staying in the company of those that have Allah c in their thoughts, the concern of the Aakhirat, etc. then a person will find the love of Allah Ta'ala.

ملی اختر جسے نسبت خدا کی               

That person that found this connection with Allah Ta'ala, Akhtar

A friend informed us that when he lies down at night and ponders over the Qudrat of Allah Ta'ala, and whilst engaged in Zikrullah tears flow from his eyes. What a great treasure isn’t this? May Allah Ta'ala bless us all with this bounty.

مٹادی اس نے باہی اور جاہی

The person that has completely destroyed all illicit lust and the desire for fame is blessed with the connection of Allah Ta'ala.

May these things become reality in our lives whilst at the same time we are required to maintain punctuality. Hadrat Maulana Maseehullah Saheb R.A has written that sometimes Shaytaan fools a person. He experiences certain feelings and thinks that he is a Buzurg and thinks that he has reached his destination. A person has to continue striving in this path until death and can never be complacent. Shaytaan doesn’t even spare great Ulema and Sufiyaa, in fact he goes to every person and deals with them in accordance to their status, Shaytaan deals with an Alim according to his status, he deals with a Mufti according to his status, he deals with the businessman according to his status, etc. We therefore got to keep making Dua that Allah Ta'ala protects us from the evil of Nafs and Shaytaan.

At times, through our Ibaadat and obedience of Allah Ta'ala, Shaytaan brings pride into a person. We therefore got to be on our guard and be alert as Shaytaan could strike at any time. Shaytaan is so deceptive that at times we aren’t even aware that Shaytaan is playing around with us, whereas we are busy thinking that we are great Buzurgs. May Allah protect us all the time! Ameen.